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                                           We have been selling statuary since 1994

 Hand Carved Marble Sculpture or Cast Decorative Bronze Statues.

* Custom Statuary

* Granite & Marble Cemetery Monuments

Each Sculpture is completely carved by hand from start to finish by master craftsmen. Because marble is a naturally occurring stone, each piece may vary.,

 At HC Marble Sculpture we use only the finest quality Marble. Our stone quarries are located through-out Europe and Asia. The various types of marble we use in our selection of Hand Carved Sculptures and Statues, Marble Busts, Marble Children, Fountains, Tables, Mantles and Planters... is second to none.

 Also available to you is our Hand Carved Custom Statues service ready to create your personal design to capture your moment in time of your loved one, beloved pet or to honor someone spectial.

Our artisans will hand carve a clay mold first for your approval prior to hand carving your sculpture in marble or casting your statue in decorative bronze.

Our category of custom granite or marble cemetery monuments statues can be custom carved in the style and size of the cemeteries requirements for your monument.         

 Our highly qualified designers, sculptors and artisans are superior craftsman who will reproduce an original sculpture or statue with every detail from the JPG pictures you supply. Our company can take any concept you or your Designer or Architect may have created and turn it into a wonderful reality.

When you are ready to purchase Marble Sculpture for your Home, Garden, Office or a special project you are working on, please contact us.  It will be our pleasure to be of service to you now & in the future to answer any questions you may have.

We at HC Marble Sculpture would be pleased to discuss any of the items listed on our site in greater detail. We provide only the very finest quality hand carved marble sculpture. Our company is committed to give you top customer service thru-out your entire experience with HC Marble Sculpture and Bronze statues.


We greatly appreciate and value the opportunity to provide you with one or more of our quality Hand Carved Marble Sculpture or Cast Decorative Bronze Statues.

Rose Bennett
HC Marble Sculpture

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  Customer Service
  Toll Free USA: 1-866-478-1763

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