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 Care and Cleaning of Bronze and Marble

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Production Process

* Pictures will record our production process during the entire creation of your sculpture; fountain or mantle in hand carved marble or cast bronze.

* We will send you pictures via email during the entire production keeping you well informed of the progress.

Step No 1: During the hand carving of your clay mold for changes and approval prior to hand carving your sculpture in marble or casting your bronze statue.

Step No 2: During the hand carving in marble or casting in bronze of your item and once again for you approval prior to crating and shipping.

Step No 3:Pictures of your sculpture packed in its crate prior to delivery to the ocean liner for its ocean voyage to the USA
Step No 4: We will keep you posted all during the 6-week ocean voyage to the USA whenever we receive updates as to the arrival of your cargo. 

Delivery: Someone from the Freight Company dispatch department will call you to set up a delivery date for morning or afternoon delivery time.
From polishing, processing, packing, loading to delivery we strive to fulfill your needs.

Customer Service

Toll Free USA: 1-866-478-1763

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