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Such luxuriant oppulence!! Every crevice, fold, moulding, and concentric groove radiants the warmth of a romantice heart.
Danielle D
Sacramento, California

Your statuary and mantle created the atmosphere. After a little candle light, it was up to me to pop the question. Thanks so much!!
Steven K
Pocatello, Idaho



Hand Carved with intricate Designs.


Our Marble Fireplace Mantles are hand carved from the highest quality marble craftsmanship. We offer a variety of design, color marbles and texture to help you choose the proper size  color and the design of your mantle, that will compliment your home.

* Very important! measure your fireplace area for the open space needed as well as the space of width on either side and height so the choice of Marble Surround Mantle you choose will fit properly. * We will be happy to help you with your choice of size and design when you are ready to make your final decision.

  HC Marble Sculpture will Carve a Custom Mantle If you don't find the size or color marble you need for your room.

Choice of Color Marble:

To See Marble Colors Available.
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We can use any of the following colors, such as:

                                                 * White Marble 
                                                            * Black Marble 
                                                            * Green Marble 
                                                            * Brown Marble
                                                            * Sunset Red Marble 
                                                            * Egypt Beige Marble
                                                        * Egypt Cream Marble etc.

Your choice of one of our beautiful unique hand carved marble Mantle would make a fantastic addition to any master bedroom, dining room, living room, family room or Great Room. The mantle would give you warmth, a romantic atmosphere, be a conversation piece and give you many years of enjoyment                                 

* Installation for Mantles We at HCMS are pleased to inform you that we offer an installation package by highly qualified installation technicians at a fair price in Florida. Our company can take any concept you or your Designer or Architect may have created and turn it into a wonderful reality.

 Free Estimate in Florida

 at time of purchase with the specks you provide us of your installation site.

Hand Carved Marble Fireplace Mantles

We will Carve a Custom Mantle If you don't find the size or color marble you need for your room.

To See Marble Colors Available.
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