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Cemetery Headstones and Memorial Monuments
Cemetery Angel Statues
Granite and Marble Sculpture and Statues 

Custom Hand Carved Granite Maosoleum

Custom Hand Carved Granite Maosoleum

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Statues of Divine Angels at a cemetery.

This gallery contains pictures of angels that can be placed in cemeteries in various poses, each one having a different and special meaning. Angels are one of God's most sacred creatures and are found in most cultures. Angels have been known to be messengers or intermediaries between God and humans, and are meant to help lead the way to Heaven. That is why so many are on headstones.

Custom Marble Monuments carved from Your Own Design or choose one from our website. .

Have us create a Custom Memorial statue or monument for your loved one,  a loving pet, or perhaps to honor someone special?

Our sculpture are hand carved in a clay mold first for changes and approval.  After you approve the sculpture it is hand carved and completed in your choice of granite or marble.

* Please ask the cemetery you are dealing with for their restrictions as to weight, size or the type of monuments they allow.

 * You will need to arrange for a fork lift as it will be needed upon delivery to set the monument on the grave site.  

Custom Angels Marble Statuary

 Cemetery Memorial Monuments
Angel Cemetery Statues

Granite and Marble
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