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Care & Cleaning of Bronze

 Care and Cleaning of Bronze    

Bronze will naturally darken and age to a deep green finish with time. This 'antique' look is quite beautiful in the proper setting.

There are two classic finishes with bronze statuary, French Brown & Verdi Green. We suggest keeping your bronze sculpture clean and polished with waxing.

With French Brown sculptures, a brown wax is necessary.

For Verdi Green sculptures, a clear wax is needed.

Bronze Sculptures with a French Brown finish, will eventually over several years if left outdoors, oxidize to Verdi Green. Bronze Sculptures with a Verdi Green finish will eventually oxidize to a deep green. This occurs with Bronze Statuary due to its high copper content. Bronze is an alloy, containing mostly copper, along with small amounts of led, tin and zinc.

If you would prefer to keep more of the original finish of your Bronze Sculpture, it is necessary that the bronze be properly waxed on a regular basis. Like polishing your car or your shoes, polishing your bronze with wax will protect it from natures elements. Polishing will remove any oxidation or dirty spots from the bronze, as well as seal the bronze sculpture from moisture.

There are special waxes designed for bronze. “Kiwi Wax” is the best wax HC Bronze Sculpture recommends you call American Custom Wax 252-955-0156. Use a paint brush to apply the wax to your bronze sculpture. Put a light coat over the entire piece with an additional amount in any problem areas. Let the wax sit a few minutes and then use a rag or electric buffer to polish the piece. If oxidation or dirt spots remain, reapply the wax and polish once again. The wax should be applied several times a year for best results, more often in extreme temperatures or high humidity levels.

Fountains should also be winterized in very cold climates. You will want to be sure that the water pipes and fountain have no residual water and are completely dry and wrapped before the onset of freezing temperatures.

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