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Are you looking for NEPTUNE FOUNTAIN ?

Click on each of the Following to see Neptune in 2 other designs.  

1- * Neptune w /Horses Fountain

2- * Hand Carved Neptune Marble Fountain


 Hand Carved Life Size Marble Statues
For Home Decore' and Garden & Lawn
Do you want a statue of your loved one?
 Have us create a custom sculpture or statue for you.

Male and Female
Life Size Marble Sculpture and Statues
For Home Decore', Garden & Lawn

We can supply marble statues, marble fireplaces, marble fountains, marble gazebos, marble flowerpots, marble columns, and so on...

From material: out of  marble, sandstone, travertine and granite statues. See our large variety. All of them are from natural stone, made by hand. 

The size and material can be changed for your need.

 We can also CUSTOM CARVE STATUES according to your design or pictures.


Our Fantastic Variety of Beautiful Marble Sculptures and Marble Statues are hand carved by superior craftsman. Each marble sculpture and statue is hand carved to perfection, showing every detail of the hair, facial features, body and clothing. HCMS will provide you with the highest quality product. Select one of our beautiful Marble Statues and make a wonderful addition to your garden décor to enjoy for many years.

 ** We recommend the Statues carved in a mixture of color marbles should be Placed  INDOORS ONLY.

* The Statues carved out of one solid color piece of marble ( White or a Solid Color Marble ) can be placed either indoors or in your outdoor garden.e

Life Size Female & Male Marble Sculpture
& Statues for Home Decore' and Outdoor Garden

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Custom Couple Marble StatueCustom Couple Marble Statue
Custom Marble Statue of School MascotCustom Marble Statue of School Mascot
Dancing Lady on Pedestal Marble StatueDancing Lady on Pedestal Marble Statue
Lady w Angel Cupid, White Marble StatueLady w Angel Cupid, White Marble Statue
Lady w/Cupid, Dark Rose Marble StatueLady w/Cupid, Dark Rose Marble Statue
Life Size Marble Statue of Eve Eyp YellowLife Size Marble Statue of Eve Eyp Yellow
Life Size Marble Statue of Eve in WhiteLife Size Marble Statue of Eve in White
Lincoln Memorial USS Abraham LincolnLincoln Memorial USS Abraham Lincoln
Maiden Dancers in Best White MarbleMaiden Dancers in Best White Marble
Male Angel Holding Woman Standing on Base, Guiding the way!Male Angel Holding Woman Standing on Base, Guiding the way!
Marbel Sculpture Lady w/ ClothMarbel Sculpture Lady w/ Cloth
Marble Angel Life Size StatueMarble Angel Life Size Statue
Marble Angels Sitting on Base w candle holderMarble Angels Sitting on Base w candle holder
Marble Children Band SculptureMarble Children Band Sculpture
Marble Sculpture of DavidMarble Sculpture of David
Marble Stataue Maiden lying in HamockMarble Stataue Maiden lying in Hamock
Marble Statue Baby w/ Mother, Holding GrapesMarble Statue Baby w/ Mother, Holding Grapes
Marble Statue Dancer w/ DrapeMarble Statue Dancer w/ Drape
Marble Statue Egyptian Woman Sitting on Head of a BustMarble Statue Egyptian Woman Sitting on Head of a Bust
Marble Statue Flower GirlMarble Statue Flower Girl
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Garden Statues and Lawn Statues 

Garden Statues & Lawn Statues
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