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Hand Carved Marble Fountains
Medium & Small sizes

Marble Fountains 

We feature a FABULOUS Selection of Hand Carved Marble Fountains, Tiered Fountains, Marble Wall Fountains & Marble Figure Fountains.

Hand Carved Marble Fountains

We can make marble fountains in a granite fountain, sandstone fountain, and travertine fountain. We have divided the the categories into small and medium fountains, animal fountains, antique fountains, figure fountains, wall fountains, rotating ball fountains, tier fountains, large fountains, and estate fountains.

  Installation for Fountains

We at HCMS are pleased to inform you that we have expanded our customer service to come full circle. And, now offer a complete installation package by highly qualified installation technicians at a fair price. 

Installation is  available in Florida Only.

Free Estimate for installation at time of purchase with the specks you provide us of your installation site.



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Medium and Small Garden Fountains
Hand Carved Custom Fountains 
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Garden Statue Fountain and Lawn Statue Fountain.
We at HC Marble Sculpture would be pleased to discuss any of the items listed on our site in greater detail. We provide only the very finest quality hand carved marble sculpture and bronze statues. Please call us at 1-866-478-1763 or email us: for further details and information or to answer any questions you have.

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