Tier Female & Child Figure Fountain w/ Coping
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3 Tier Female and Child Marble Figure Fountain

* Fish arround center pedestal
* 4 Women figures wrapped around bottom Pedestal
* Copping for Pool w/ 6  water flowing from Flowers
   into pool.   

This Beautifully hand carved Unique marble creation of a woman and child fountain is carved out of all white marble. She is nude with a folded band of fabric gracefully entwined from her left shoulder, which continues to wrap around her right hip. The woman is holding a jug over her head with her left hand and when the fountain is on the water will gracefully flow down over her body into the top bowl and cascades to the bowl below and into the pool.

The beautiful woman is 8 Ft tall with her child standing next to her holding onto her leg. She is standing on a Fish sitting on an extended base. The water will also flow out of the Fishes mouth and the additional fishes mouths on the column of the 1st tier
to give a complete display of water flowing throughout the fountain. Four nude females are sitting on a base below holding jugs which spout water into the pool creating a wonderful water display.

* Add colored lights to accent the fountain and bring out the magnificence of this wonderful statue. Add a scent to the water like they did in Europe and you will have a truly unique fountain that will give you years of enjoyment.

Dimensions: in inches
157.5” D x 138” H


                Custom size

                Choice of color marble   

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