Mother & Child Standing on Fish w/Pond
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Marble Statue of Woman an Child F

Featured here is a Beautifully hand carved marble statue of a woman and child fountain carved out of all white marble. She is nude with a folded band of fabric gracefully entwined from her left shoulder which continues to wrap around her right hip. The woman is holding a jug over her head with her left hand and when the fountain is on the water will gracefully flow down over her body into the pool.

The beautiful woman is 8 Ft tall with her child standing next to her holding onto her leg. She is standing on a Fish sitting on an extended base. The water will also flow out of the Fishes mouth
to give a complete display of water flowing throughout the fountain.

* Add colored lights to accent the fountain and bring out the magnificence of this wonderful statue. Add a scent to the water like they did in Europe and you will have a truly unique fountain that will give you a conversation sculpture & years of enjoyment.

Dimensions: in inches
98" D x 98" H

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