Vanga Red Heart Headstone
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Vanga Red Heart Headstone
 With Grey Stone Flower

Beautiful Carved Heart Headstone With Grey Flower Stone by HC Marble Sculpture is Hand carved by our superior craftsman.
Meaning: A statue with flowers by a headstone symbolizes the spreading of blessings.
Color Granite: Vanga Red
Accent Flower: Grey Stone
Monument displayed:
Dimensions: 24 * 6 * 32 inches
Weight: 415 lbs
a. Please call us for a custom personal quote. 
b. Specify your size of sculpture
c. Specify size of base (W/L/H)
d. Specify weight allowed
e. Specify your color marble.
These Statues can be placed at a grave-sight symbolizing your deep feelings for a loved one. 
Add Engraved of names and dates
* Prior to requesting your quote:
* Ask the cemetery you are dealing with for their restrictions as to weight, size and type of monuments they allow.
* A forklift will be needed upon delivery to set the monument on the grave.

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