Marble Statue of Venus de Milo
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Life Size Marble Statue of Aphrodite / Venus de Milo

Featured here is a Hand Carved larger than Life Size Marble Statue in reproduction of the classic Marble Statue of Aphrodite of Milos (Greek: Αφροδίτη της Μήλου, Aphroditē tēs Mēlou), better known as the Venus de Milo, who is an ancient Greek statue and one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture. Created at some time between 130 and 100 BC, it is believed to depict Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans) the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Hand Carved in an impressive larger, taller than life size.

* From an inscription that was on its plinth, it is thought to be the work of Alexandros of Antioch; it was earlier mistakenly attributed to the master sculptor Praxiteles. The statue at present is on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

This marble sculpture is larger than life size at 203 cm (6 ft 8 in) high. Its arms and original plinth have been lost.

Hand carved out of all White Gloss marble. She Is truly a treasure of feminine beauty.

Dimensions: in inches
28"W x 25"D x 86"Tall

Color Marble: White gloss

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