Saint Angelo's Angels Statues Set W/ Base
HCMS.360 HCMS.361 HCMS.362 HCMS.363HCMS.360 HCMS.360 HCMS.361 HCMS.361 HCMS.362 HCMS.362 HCMS.363 HCMS.363
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Marble 4 Statues " Castle Saint Angelo " Angels

This amazing set of four Hand Carved White Gloss Marble Angels are styled from the Angels at the scenic approach from the center of Rome to the Castle Saint’ Angelo (Castle Saint Angelo) along the right bank of the Tiber.

Meticulously detailed by our skilled master artisans this Statuary of Angels hold aloft elements of the Passion of Christ. Each Angel is immaculate in the diversity and complexity of it's carving artistry and stands over eight feet tall on the base.

The statues are Hand Carved from the Purest White Gloss Marble and are truly an inspiration to behold.

* This is our complete set of four Angels on their bases.
   Replica of Saint Angelo's Angels @ the Castle in Rome. 

   (HCMS360, HCMS361, HCMS362 and HCMS363)

Dimensions: ( in inches vary.)  For complete dimensions see each Angel here on our HC Marble Statues website.

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