Apollo & Attendant Nymphs in White Marble
APOLLO / IN Stock in WhiteApollo Nymph, Amelia  / IN Stock in White MarbleApollo Nymph, Bianca  / IN Stock in White MarbleApollo Nymph, Chloe  / IN Stock in White MarbleApollo Nymph, Daphne  / IN Stock in White MarbleApollo Nymph, Evelyn  / IN Stock in White MarbleApollo Nymph, Felicia / IN Stock in White Marble
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Apollo & Attendant Nymphs statues set

These Magnificent Hand Carved Apollo & Attendant Nymphs statues are carved out of all White Gloss Marble by our Master Craftsman. Each statue is carved to perfection duplicating the original statues. This wonderful reproduction of the original scene of statues of Apollo being attended by his 6 nymphs would make an unforgettable display scene in a hotel lobby, or in an area that needs a large display of statues.

Not only is each statue beautifully carved but the display has a wonderful history that spans many hundreds of years.

Apollo tended by the 6 Nymphs of Thetis, 1666-73, marble, Apollo Grotto, Versailles..... Original Artist: François Girardon.

Artist Biography provided; click below the picture on prior page.

Set consists of Apollo and his 6 Nymphs total of 7 statues in set.

White Gloss Marble

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